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Can you tell me why I shouldn’t be concerned about the high thrust line?

We have done in depth calculations on the stability taking into account the big tail surfaces, relatively small engine power and pilot weights. The results indicate that this CG is safe. Then we performed flight tests - pilots from 55 kg to 100 kg. And there is no problem in flight. The gyro is perfect in flight. We know that in US gyro pilots sometimes believe that the CG should be on the thrust line. This was crucial when the tail surfaces were small or did not exist at all. Modern gyrocopters are quite different :)

Can you tell me more about the rotor blades?

They are aluminum extruded.  The rotor blade profile that we have developed is around 10% more effective than NACA 8H12 which is usually used in gyros.

Can you tell me more about the structure of the aircraft?

It is very light due to aluminum riveted structure, vacuum shaped composite carbon and aramid parts and the rotor which is 175 mm not 200 mm as usual in larger gyros.

What is the warranty on the Nano?

 years on the aircraft 1 year on the engine 500 hours on the rotor, at which time the rotor MUST be replaced. The warranty does not cover hard landings or damage sustained during transport.

How do I place an order? A 40% deposit is required at the time an order is placed.  You would send the deposit to your dealer, at which time the clock would start for your lead time.  Lead time is currently 3 months from when the order is placed.  The remaining 60% plus shipping costs is sent to the dealer once your aircraft is finished and ready to ship.  Then your aircraft is shipped directly to your location.

Does it come as a kit?  What is the build time?

The aircraft comes completely built, only requiring 3 assembly steps from the crates.  Attach the landing gear (4 bolts), attach the tail assembly (4 bolts), and attach the rotor (4 bolts).  Total assembly time could be as low as an hour with two people.  If transporting your Nano to the flying field on a trailer you would only need to attach the rotor to be ready to fly.  A special clamp for the front wheel is required if using a trailer.  Available from Fusioncopter  This can be done very quickly.

Does the Nano come with instrumentation?
Yes.  It comes with a cockpit instrument called a Motomonitor.  It is a full-color digital display which gives the following information: 

  • Engine data: RPM, EGT, CHT

  • Flight data: Ground speed (GPS), Variometer and Altitude from pressure sensor, direction to start point, logbook

  • Rotor RPM meter

The Nano also comes with a Hall airspeed indicator

Where do I get training to fly the Nano? 

There are many Gyro Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) nationwide.  We can help you locate one near you.  You may have to travel to get to one so be prepared. 

How many hours of instruction does will it take me to learn to fly the Nano?

This varies from person to person.  It will be between you and your instructor and how well you are picking up on the skills.  Some people can solo in their Nano after 10 hours of dual instruction, some people take 20 hours.  Remember that there is no FAA requirement, but your safety is worth taking the time to learn to fly properly!

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