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Christopher Hess
May 03, 2021
In NANO General Discussion
Ok....I was a long time Private pilot but I'm a newbie to gyros. At this point I like what I see with the JK-2 Nano. I even drove to Bensen Days in Fla. to see the two Nanos that were there. I think people are and will be excited with this Gyro. I have done a massive amount of research about Gyros and then there are the multitude of Youtubes about Gyros and the JK-2 Nano. One thing that has been impressed on me is the fact that Gyros have different flight characteristics than fixed wing aircraft.....and the take-off and landing has different procedures. Many have mentioned that initial training is virtually a neccessity and I am in the process of getting with a CFI in order to feel confident if and when I take that first solo flight in a Nano. I will also be very interested in getting some feedback about the flight characteristics and stability of the Nano. To state again, at this point, ending up as an owner of the Nano is still a possibility.

Christopher Hess

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